For more information contact Jennifer Lynn Trottier; CSP your neighborhood Certified Staging Professional at 724.255.0734.


CONSULTATION FEE – $175 This is the most common used service. During a consultation I will walk through every room of your home. Inside and out, up and down. This is where I make my professional recommendations that assists you in getting your home ready for the real estate market (including color consultation, furniture arrangement, decluttering and depersonalizing recommendations). I also hand you a Room Ready Book that will be your step by step, room by room guide to getting it done. It is a detailed plan with check lists and ideas. Duration time 1-1 ½ hours * Included in the fee is a follow-up visit before your first open house in which I will fine tune if needed. SIMPLE STAGING – $50/hour This service will help home owners with spaces that need more definition of purpose. We incorporate the homeowners items and rearrange if necessary. Simple staging may include only rearrange rooms to create more flow in a home. Kitchens and master bedrooms are perfect candidates for simple staging services. This style of staging will be a vignette format.
 STANDARD STAGING – $50/hour If you don’t have the time with your busy schedules…hire us to help! I have the objective eye, and I can get done in a day, that might take you a lot longer! For this service I will stage the areas that are the most important to buyers such as the foyer, living room, dining room, family room, kitchen and master bedroom and bath. I will also address awkward areas that need a better sense of purpose and aid in decluttering, and depersonalizing to help stage the rooms. Standard staging usually comes after the initial consultation, when the homeowners call us back to help with the entire staging process. VACANT STAGING – $50/hour
plus monthly furniture rental costs This type of staging will aim to give the vacant home a more model home look. I work with a furniture rental company that will deliver the furniture that is hand picked by me. The homeowner accepts the full responsibility of the rental contract with the furniture company. All of the rooms in the home may or may not be staged. They will include furniture, area rugs, window treatments, artwork and accessories that are fitting with the style and price point of the home. Vacant staging will showcase a lifestyle to buyers so they can make an emotional connection to the home. SENIOR TRANSITION SERVICES – $50/hour Senior Transition/Relocation Specialist As a Senior Relocation Specialist I assist adults 55 and older with their home relocation, reorganizing, and modifications. My goal is to help establish, improve, and ensure the quality of relocating while maintain the highest level of professional standards and practices. This is where I can help with the needs of a senior loved one, from staging to selling to settling in a new home. As a trained professional I will help clients, their families and their caregivers through the many stages of home-style and transition, whether moving to a new community or living in your own home. SENIOR SAFETY MATTERS Senior proofing a home is very important. I will assist in making your home barrier free. As a Senior Relocation Specialist, I am trained to manage all aspects of a senior move including barrier free living. I understand the needs of my senior clients. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Gerontology. BUFFERING EMOTIONS So, as a Senior Transition/Relocation Specialist, I can recognize all of these conditions and will work to lesson the stress that comes with moving. Working closely with the client I will identify possessions that are to be moved, as well as those that are treasured by the client’s family. I will also handle all aspects of relocating and communications with third parties (real estate agent, retirement village, nursing home, ect.) as the representative of the client. I will be the professional to help buffer the emotions that come with stage in my client’s life, and help the families through this very stressful time.


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